7 Keys to Canceling Auto Insurance

Do you need to unsubscribe from your insurance or did the company do so without consulting you?

For different reasons you may need to cancel the car insurance or, in other cases, the company may cancel the contract if it is not fulfilled as scheduled.

Customers and companies have rights and duties that have to be fulfilled as signed in the contract. However, it is common for holders to be unaware that in addition to being able to cancel insurance, there are also commitments with which they must respond so that the insurer is not the one who performs the cancellation.

Below we give you the keys to know how to unsubscribe and also the cases in which the company can come to make that decision.

  1. Cancellation of late car insurance in premium payment

According to article 1068 of the Trade Code, you may be canceled if you do not pay the premium within the period agreed in the contract.

  1. Low for breach of warranty

Warranty is an obligation you have to do or not do a particular thing. For example, the obligation not to lend your car to an unauthorized person in the contract. Failure to comply with this warranty results in termination of the contract by the insurer.

  1. Unilateral revocation

Method by which the contract is allowed to terminate, either for your reasons, or for the insurance company. You must notify your wish to terminate the agreement at any time, while the insurer must make written notice at least 10 days prior to the termination date.

  1. Cancellation after changing the risk status

If you change jobs, places of residence, or the use you give to your vehicle that isn’t considered in the variables used to calculate your policy, you must notify your insurance company. influencing your risky state. The insurer can then continue or terminate the contract. If you do not declare a new risk and have an accident, the insurer has the right not to be liable for damages.

  1. Cancellation of car insurance with credit

If you purchased your car in this way you must make a legal processing of the cancellation of the policy. Did you buy your insurance through Compare? Send us a peace and save from the bank or proof of garment lifting. In addition to a letter with signature and footprint asking for cancellation, informing the date and explaining the reasons.

  1. Return of payment after cancellation of your insurance

The claims you’ve had with the car don’t affect the amount of money the insurer has to pay you back when you cancel your vehicle insurance. The duty is to deliver the amount corresponding to the months you paid in advance and that you will not use once you cancel the car insurance.

  1. Cancel for vehicle change

If you decide to purchase a new vehicle, you must cancel the current policy and take out new insurance as it is not transferred. The policy is calculated individually and personally for each vehicle and driver. You may have this case if you have an automatic renewal of your insurance.

You already have a lot more knowledge about canceling auto insurance. If you have already done so and are thinking of improving the option you had we invite you to quote in Compara and find insurance all risk according to your needs.

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