No to the Expropriation of Zaragoza Cathedral

Better news, impossible: judicial setback to the claims of the Podemite government of Zaragoza to expropriate La Seo and La Magdalena.

!! Congratulations!!

A judge has paralyzed the attempted usurpation of Zaragoza Cathedral by the municipal government, attending to the appeal presented by the Archbishopric. In short, the Zaragoza City Council has made a fool of itself, presenting a botched report that the judge has not hesitated to knock down due to defects in substance and form.

There is no previous legal opinion, conveniently substantiated by the municipal corporation, which supports the claim to dispute the ownership of the Cathedral and the temple of the Magdalena to the Church.

The report does not provide a single explicit reasoning on the feasibility of what it intends to carry out.

Nor do they provide the slightest proof of the possible rights that the Zaragoza City Council could have over the aforementioned temples.

These were the requirements that the legal system demanded from the City Council in order to start a legal process with justification, demonstrating that it is entitled to do so… But it has not been able to fulfill any of them!

The judge’s decision also alludes to the general interest, since the consequences of initiating such an inconsistent judicial process could involve substantial costs that the City Council would have to bear. In short, the pocket of the citizens.

The kidnapping is tremendous: the podemitas have not only set up this circus knowing that they had no right to the temples.

It is that they were also willing to squander everyone’s money in an absurd legal battle, just for the purpose of showing themselves to the gallery as the most secular.

Zaragoza City Council has shown itself to be incapable of defending its alleged property rights to Christian temples with minimal rigor… So congratulations on this success, which endorses point by point our campaign to collect signatures in favor of Christian temples continue to belong to their rightful owner: the Church.

Although we have not achieved exactly what we asked for in our campaign, that Mayor Pedro Santisteve desist from his purpose, the Justice has stopped his attempt. The result has been the same. So we can rejoice and feel part of this undoubted success against the secularists.

Thanks to you and to the 128,382 citizens who have told the Podemitas to leave the Christian temples alone.

Thank you so much for standing up for your beliefs!


APRIL 20, 2017.- MASLIBRES.ORG: Several hundred Zaragozans have gathered today at the gates of the City Hall of the Aragonese capital to protest the municipal government’s attempt to expropriate the Cathedral of La Seo and support with their presence the platform, which has brought to the mayor the 123,525 signatures of citizens collected to date in the campaign that tries to stop the expropriation.

The mayor of Zaragoza, Pedro Santisteve, has not received the spokesperson and the members of the platform. Instead, he has sent a representative, who has admitted that the expropriation attempt will continue until the Justice rules on the ownership of the Seo. What he has been unable to answer is this:

What property title can the City Council show to claim ownership of the Cathedral of Zaragoza?

Therefore, the campaign in defense of Zaragoza Cathedral is still open. We will continue fighting so that they do not take away our temples or violate our constitutional rights to religious freedom, worship and conscience.

We will not allow Christians to be turned into squatters inside the Cathedral.

Thank you very much for your commitment!


A few days ago the Mass was suppressed on TVE2. Last Thursday, the end of religious services in the Army with the elimination of chaplains. And today the most secular week of Podemos ends with the announcement that they now want to take over the Cathedral of Zaragoza.

Ask the mayor of Zaragoza to respect the freedom of worship and religious freedom of all and take his hands off the Seo de Zaragoza.

It’s not the first time they’ve tried… and it won’t be the first time we’ve stopped them:

Do you remember the attempt to expropriate the Cathedral of Córdoba? That was the work of Susana Díaz and the Andalusian leftist parties. They have not succeeded.
Shortly after they also tried to appropriate the Cathedral of Jaca, by the hand of Pablo Echenique and Podemos. They haven’t succeeded either.

Third attempt: now Podemos is going for the Cathedral of the Savior in Zaragoza, La Seo, a World Heritage building that was already a Christian temple in Visigothic times and episcopal and cathedral headquarters since the 3rd century.

Well, seventeen centuries after uninterrupted Christian use, the secular parties of the Zaragoza City Council say that the building should be expropriated.

Podemos-Zaragoza en Común (ZEC), the PSOE and the Chunta Aragonesista, in favor of believers disappearing from the face of the earth and returning to the catacombs, announce that next week they will begin the judicial process to take away Christians their Cathedral.

Explain to Pedro Santisteve, mayor of Zaragoza, that freedom of worship and religious freedom are rights enshrined in the Constitution and that you are not going to sit idly by before his claim to expropriate the Seo: I invite you to join this campaign in defense of freedom of worship and religion and I beg you to consider the possibility of sharing it with all the people around you who defend these same values.

I assure you that from we are going to do everything we can to stop this new attempt to cut rights and freedoms. We ask for freedom for all, and not only for those who consider that professing a religion is little less than a crime.

I also assure you that if you and I insist, this time they will not succeed either.

But we will have to work hard to achieve it.

Go for it!

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